Noorderlaan 92C
B2030 Antwerpen, Belgium

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Fax: +32/(0)3.636.25.49

Our team

  • - Ania Name: Ania
    Position: Purchase Manager
    Education: Biotechnological Engineer
    Experience: since 2010
    She makes sure you have your favorite ingredients on time in your warehouse. She assures that the products we have in our range are of reliable quality. She searches throughout the world for new suppliers and she is the one who checks and approves the quality of new ingredients.
  • - Agnieszka Name: Agnieszka
    Position: Quality & Production Manager
    Education: Chemical study
    Experience: since 2010
    She is responsible for production process and the quality control of produced batches. She makes quality documents such as certificates of analyses, labels. She does the quality control of incoming and outgoing goods.
  • - Marek Name: Marek
    Position: Warehouse Operator
    Education: Master of the Environmental Engineering
    Experience: since 2016
    He and his team prepares your orders in the most precise and hygienic way. He makes sure that your orders are treated with the royal importance.
  • - Brit Name: Brit
    Position: Logistic Manager
    Education: High school
    Experience: since 1991
    She treats your orders and sample requests according to your wishes. She’s the voice of Gova. She makes sure that you will get fast help when you call us or when you send us an e-mail.
  • - Mateusz Name: Mateusz
    Position: Production Manager
    Education: High School
    Experience: since 2016
    He conditions all the raw materials into the correct packaging from 100g to 1000kg. He also is responsible for the production of our raw materials. All the promotional samples are carefully produced by him.
  • - Ania Name: Ania
    Position: Lab Assistant
    Education: Chemistry Technology Engineer
    Experience: since 2016
    She is responsible for development and formulating of your projects. She carries out sampling, measuring, recording and research relevant topics and gather information necessary to cosmetic formulation.
  • - Dorota Name: Dorota
    Position: Sales/Marketing Manager
    Education: Chemical engineer
    Experience: since 2003
    Commercial representative. She designs the presentations, brochures and advertisements and makes sure all documents are 100% in accordance with the EU-law.
    She’s responsible for the price calculation and the direct contact with purchasers.
  • - Patrick Name: Patrick
    Position: Business Development Manager
    Education: Chemical Engineer/Derma-cosmetic sciences
    Experience: since 1991
    Commercial and technical representative. He is your support in all your technical, marketing and toxicological questions. He will even help when you have an impossible question.